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Thankful Gardener

Between the ho-ho-ho ads on TV for the latest gizmo or gadget are appeals to do charitable work and be grateful for what we have. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for what I have. The usual things make the list: … Continue reading

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My Trophy Rutabaga

I don’t have the desire to deer hunt anymore, so I’m working in the garden today. It is fantastic out for a November day in the north country. I’m wearing hunter orange gloves to be on the safe side. I … Continue reading

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Amaryllis for the Holiday Season

Now is the time to start your amaryllis bulbs. That is, if you want large beautiful blooms of red, white, pink , and a combination thereof in time for Christmas. I just purchased three amaryllis bulbs in the little kit … Continue reading

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New Plant Varieties for 2011

I’ve been sifting through the new plant offerings for 2011 to find varieties hardy for the northern region of the U.S. and up into Canada. Here are a few hardier- than- thou shrub and flower offerings for 2011 for us … Continue reading

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Great Garden Books

You could spend a fortune on garden books (which I probably have). However, if you’re looking for just a couple of good garden books to refer to, I’d recommend two in particular. One is the American Horticulture Society’s A-Z Encyclopedia … Continue reading

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