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Easy Way to Store Fresh Vegies

For you busy folks who don’t have the time to can your vegetables, yet would like to capture the freshness of the harvest, consider freezing vegetables instead. Freezing is a quick way to preserve your favorite garden fare, and you … Continue reading

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Prolific Peppers

Growing bell peppers has been a little hit and miss for me the last few years. In fact, more miss than hit. I grow nice plants but don’t get many peppers. Now comes New Ace Peppers. I’m not sure how … Continue reading

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101 Ways to Use Up That Zucchini

Last night I enjoyed delicious zucchini lasagna my wife had made with zucchini from the garden. As usual, we had a boat load of zucchini to deal with. Thanks to Joan Bestwick’s Life’s Little ZucchiniCookbook: 101 Zucchini Recipes, we have … Continue reading

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Mighty Matos are “all that”

The Mighty Matos I got to trial this year “were all that.” The plants, which are familiar varieties grafted to so-called amazing root stock arrived in little cell packs, looking like they’d had too much go- juice the night before. … Continue reading

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Tips for :Late Season Tomatoes

I think it’s safe to say it’s a good year for tomatoes in the EUP. If you’re like a lot of folks in the area your mouth is starting to water at the thought of eating a big juicy tomato. … Continue reading

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Flower Arranging with Hydrangeas

This Annabelle Hydrangea flower head makes a great base for flower arranging. Simply clip off the head and the appropriate length of stem, strip all leaves and stick it in a vase with about a 3 inch opening at the … Continue reading

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