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New Flower and Vegetable Varieties for a New Year

                I like to ring in the New Year browsing through the garden catalogs that I’ve got piled up on the corner of my desk. I’m always amazed at the new varieties they come up with year after year. For … Continue reading

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How Was Your Year in Gardening?

                I always enjoy the end of the year wrap-ups when people reflect back on the year in the news, sports, weather, etc. I’m feeling a little reflective today as I pause between the holiday hub-bub  and look back at … Continue reading

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Brief history and a few tips on poinsettias

The poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) I bought a couple of weeks ago is still looking pretty good. The bright red bracts really brighten up our home and helps us get in the Christmas spirit. Not bad for 8 dollar investment!             … Continue reading

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Still Time to Buy and Store Vegetables

I noticed at last week’s winter farmer’s market that someone was selling winter squash. It looked like it had just been picked. Knowing it was grown without chemicals and wishing to support a local farmer, I bought a couple. It … Continue reading

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