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Install a DIY Lawn Irrigation System!

Spring has finally arrived in the North! It’s time to get going on those spring projects.  It’s hard to believe right now, but before you know it we’ll be watering our lawn to keep it from drying out. If you’re … Continue reading

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Starting Selected Wildflowers from Seed

                   Over the past fourteen years or so I’ve been involved in propagating various native plants that are found in the forests and along the shoreline of the Great Lakes region. These plants are used for plant restoration projects by … Continue reading

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Seed Starting Tips

“The work of a garden bears visible fruits—in a world where most of our labours seem suspiciously meaningless,” Pam Brown p. 1928.                 While the wind howls outside I’m quietly working in my … Continue reading

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Introducing Indigo Tomatoes

There’s a new tomato in town that is sure to turn heads. Indigo tomatoes are as healthy to eat as they are colorful to look at. Indigo Rose is perhaps the first blue tomato, or at least the first one … Continue reading

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Success with grafted tomato plants

                 Listen up north country gardeners! If you want to grow heirloom tomatoes or the large beefsteak tomatoes you need to pay attention. The best way to do it is with grafted tomatoes, which are now being sold by … Continue reading

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Grafting Material Available for Grafting Apple Trees

An area apple tree grower contacted me a couple of weeks ago about some grafting material (scions) he has available for anyone wishing to graft some good apples onto an existing tree or purchased root stock. He’s got lots, if … Continue reading

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Grafted tomatoes and other mail order plants

Many gardeners begin the season on dark winter evenings, snuggled on the couch with a stack of colorful seed catalogs. After some deliberation and eventual order placement, a tidy package arrives, usually filled with highly-anticipated seed varieties. However, a growing … Continue reading

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