I’m a horticulturist who gardens and landscapes in the northern region. I like to see other gardeners be successful at this endeavor so I post what I hope is helpful tips and indepth expose’s on various aspect of gardening and horticulture. I’m also willing to listen to any suggestions you have to help me become more successful, so fire away!storetogarden-018

I’m also a writer for garden magazines, including Michigan Gardening and horticultural trade magazines, including Greenhouse Management and Lawn & Landscape. I pick up boat loads (wheelbarrows?) full of information interviewing experts across the country on topics ranging from hydroponics greenhouses on rooftops to growing 170 acres of blueberries in my home state of Michigan.

I also have large gardens and when not doing anything else I landscape. I have a passion for this hobby and business of gardening and horticulture, so I’m glad you stopped by and perhaps we can learn together. Neil