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Five Tomatoes for Northern Gardens (and a few tips on how to grow them successfully)

I was going to wait until after Christmas to look at the seed catalogs that have been arriving, but once I started looking at the tomatoes, I couldn’t put the catalogs down. Here are five tomatoes that are suitable to … Continue reading

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Thank you, from the North Country Gardener!

I’ve reached a milestone today. No, I’m not a decade older. I’ve registered over 20,000 page views on my blog! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for tips on growing a garden in the north country. I hope I’ve … Continue reading

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Perfect Cabbage

I love this variety of cabbage, it’s called Ruby Perfection Hybrid from Jung’s. This is the second year I’ve grown it. I started it from seed in the greenhouse in early May and set it out towards the end of … Continue reading

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Gardening tips for late July

The sweltering heat of late makes it a little difficult to get in the garden and weed and do other garden chores. If we can get in the garden in the cool of the evening or early morning and weed … Continue reading

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Quick tips on ordering seeds

It’s time! To order garden seeds, that is. If you’re ordering from the spring garden catalogs it is best to get those orders in soon to ensure availability. By ordering now, you may also be able to get in on … Continue reading

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Time for a little houseplant TLC?

                With the holiday hustle and bustle over you may have had time to notice that your houseplants were left out of all that good will and cheer. Looking a little droopy are they? I know ours did, which prompted … Continue reading

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How Was Your Year in Gardening?

                I always enjoy the end of the year wrap-ups when people reflect back on the year in the news, sports, weather, etc. I’m feeling a little reflective today as I pause between the holiday hub-bub  and look back at … Continue reading

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Still Time to Buy and Store Vegetables

I noticed at last week’s winter farmer’s market that someone was selling winter squash. It looked like it had just been picked. Knowing it was grown without chemicals and wishing to support a local farmer, I bought a couple. It … Continue reading

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North Country Gardener meets the Cold Climate Gardener

A couple three years ago I was asked to post an article on my greenhouse experiences to a popular blog, called Cold Climate Gardening. It seemed I just never got around to doing it and in fact wasn’t quite sure … Continue reading

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Cool Weather No Problem for North Country Gardeners

Just about got my garden all planted, despite the cooler weather. I had planted my tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin and hot peppers (all from transplants) about nine days ago. Then, on Friday morning I planted six long rows of corn. … Continue reading

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