Looking for an endless tomato harvest?

There are so many tomato varieties to choose from in the catalogs it is tempting to try them all. One variety I’ll be sure to include with my order when it goes out next week is Jasper cherry tomato.JssJasperTomato

If you’re looking for a prolific harvest of sweet, tasty cherry tomatoes, grow the Jasper. This All American Selection sold by Jung’s and others is a real winner in my mind.

I planted about six of these right up against the fence that surrounds my garden to keep the deer out. I originally planted them from seed in my greenhouse and when I set them out they took right off, which I think is key to a successful harvest of anything in the cold climate. I never did need to tie them to the fence or offer any other type of support, even though they grew to about five feet tall! I just fed them fairly regularly with Espoma’s organic fertilizer for vegetable gardens.

What I got was a seemly endless supply of sweet cherry tomatoes. Each time I went to the garden (which is about every day for me, I would bring a bowl with me and fill it up. Jasper did much better than Sweet Million (these tomatoes didn’t ripen as early.

My garden hat is off to Jasper cherry tomato!

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